Server Rules:


The intentional killing or harming of another player, directly or indirectly without their consent is forbidden. This includes retaliation.


No Stealing:

Taking of another player's property without their consent is forbidden. Property includes, but is not limited to, weapons, gold, loot, building supplies, vehicles, vehicle parts or fuel salvaged from a vehicle. Looting of a player's body without permission is forbidden. Exploiting of game glitches for the purpose of advancing one's progress not allowed. This includes the process known as "Duping".

No Destruction of Property.

Destroying another player's property without consent is forbidden. Property is defined as, but not limited to: Vehicles, weapons, gear, loot , bases or building structures.

Do Not Build to Block Loot Spawns.
You may build in existing map buildings, but access to any and all loot spawns must remain unlocked. Building height of "sniper towers" are limited to 15 stories or less. Feel free to build a nice base, but please keep unnecessary building to a minimum. Excess building destroys framerate.

Do Not Leave Vehicles in Trader Cities.
Any vehicles left at trader cities will be moved or destroyed at the admin's discretion.

Do Not Touch Locked Vehicles

 All keyed vehicles and its contents belong to owner, even if unlocked. Do not take vehicle, items, or salvage parts or fuel from any claimed vehicle.  You may temporarily claim an unlockable vehicle if it is not in recent use by another player. At the present time, the only unlockable, temporaily claimable vehicle on the server are the lime green skodas. ALL OTHER VEHICLES ARE OWNED!.

Do Not Flood Side Chat With Voice:
Reasonable side chat voice communication is permissable, but should be kept to a minimum. Direct or vehicle chat is not limited..

Participation in Missions Must be Announced.

Any player participating in a mission must announce his or her engagement of the mission when in position to fire the first shot. A mission cannot be "called" or claimed. A mission is open untill the last mission AI is dead. If you do not announce, you will not be allowed to take loot from crates or AI bodies untill the announced participants leave the mission or declare the mission open for looting. A single player is allowed to announce for his teamates, but must name each player participating. Taking mission vehicles or loot from the mission crate before the mission is cleared is not allowed. Once the mission is cleared, players must wait untill all mission participants are present or give their consent before any loot is taken from the crate. Loot must be divided fairly and equally. All announced participants are entitled to a fair share of loot. Relogging for the purpose of replinishing ammo or heath during a mission is a form of duping and in not legal. If you didn't bring enough ammo to do the mission without ammo logging, you failed the mission.