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Title: Basic Strategy
Post by: Sandman on March 13, 2015, 05:18:54 PM
Here is a general outline for players new to Epoch the way it is set up on the Beatnik Bandits server.

Avoid the AI. Keep a low profile. AI patrol in UAZs and Helis .They are not that hard to hide from. Untill you get good weapons it is best to not engage them. They carry nice loot, but the AI are not stupid. If they aggro on you, they will get out of their vehicle and hunt you down and try to flank you. If you stay hidden, an aggroed heli will eventually leave.  If it is still shooting at you, you are not hidden well enough. If you do manage to shoot a heli down, the crew will usually parachute out and hunt you. Heli crews on the ground are the most skilled of the AI. Some of the more established and better equipped players hunt the AI and make a good living from them.

Loot the airfields. Balota AF has loot in the control tower, firestation, hangars, and a set of barracks at the east end. The other two airfields are even better. You should be able to find a quite a few guns to use or sell. NWAF has probably the best loot on the server, and there are three barracks to loot at NEAF

Secure a better pack. This is even more important than a better gun. You will need a way to store loot as you gather. You might be able to find a pack as loot spawn. If not, gather what loot you have to sell and buy one at the traders. The Coyote Backpack is the biggest you can buy, and the second biggest in the game, but even the Czech Backpack is an improvement.

Buy a Cargo Truck. This should be your first major purchase.  Most cost about two 10oz gold.  A Ural or an MTVR is the way to go here. (The "ghetto" Ural is available for a single 10oz now), Tough, durable, lockable and high storage capacity. Think of it as a mobile temporary base. It will also provide primary transportation untill you get a better way to go.

Buy a Safe. This another high priority item and should be what you spend your first briefcase on. (Not a helicopter). A safe is the only indestructible and un-thievable storage in the game. You can store your gold and spare keys there.

Do not stay in a vehicle if a heli aggros on you. The AI despise an occupied vehicle. You usually cannot outrun the heli, and it dosent take a lot of shots to destroy an un-armored vehicle. It is best to get out and go prone if a heli starts shooting you while driving. Even if you die, at least your truck will survive. Goining afk in a vehicle, even if it is hidden in the woods, is suicide.

More to come

Title: Re: Basic Strategy
Post by: Sandman on April 05, 2015, 07:51:46 AM
Topic unlocked. Feel free to add your own suggestions.
Title: Re: Basic Strategy
Post by: beik on April 15, 2015, 08:42:19 PM (  is your friend!  A lot of questions asked in side chat can be answered here.  I don't mind answering but sometime (especially during a mission) things get missed.
Title: Re: Basic Strategy
Post by: jessyjames on April 19, 2015, 11:18:01 PM
 I am still a little foggy with ammo types. I tried looking it up on the wiki and to date I haven't found the ammo for the silenced M8. The regular M8 can use the STANG rounds (however they are spelled) but haven't found the right ones for the silenced which would be really handy when AI spawns on the airfield. There was another type but I forgot which one it was that didn't use the weapon name for ammo.
Title: Re: Basic Strategy
Post by: DarkAFK on April 20, 2015, 12:19:16 PM
STANAG SD goes in that silenced weapon